Saturday, August 6, 2011


I got an out of the blue text from Trini basically accusing me of seeing someone else during that first week we broke-up. We broke up on a Tuesday, but I still spent his birthday with him on Friday night (don't ask). I felt sorry for him because all his friends blew him off. My number one mistake with Trini is feeling sorry. He is a master manipulator, tries to turn things that are HIS fault on me, and always makes me feel bad when I stick things to him or back away because of something he says or does.

He said he thought we were having a breakthrough but was bothered because he thought there was someone else and I was up to something. I wrote him back that HE is the one who lied to ME and was not to be trusted. If he has concerns I will gladly answer them but accusing me is not the move. I also wrote that we weren't having a breakthrough. He is still unwilling to change and I am unwilling to settle.

I went to celebrate another friend's birthday at a bar in the city. It was a really preppy, white, NYU type crowd which is not my preference but we had fun and made the best of it. My friend's brother  (FB) seemed to really enjoy himself...And me. I am a dancer. If I don't hate the song, I WILL dance. Me and FB were glued to eachother all night.  I should have gone home but I didn't. We took a cab to friend's hotel and chilled and talked in the lobby for a while. I felt weird flirting with a FB. I would NOT want my brother trying to get it in with any of my friends. Ew.

I got back to BK around 4 ish. Trini text me and when I didn't respond, he followed it with "I guess you're out with your new boo and don't have time for me. Let me know when you want to talk, you know how to find me" (He know's I'm reverting back to my old partying self and probably thinks I'm out with different dudes every night)

But WHAT IS THAT? We are broken up!!! You give up all rights to know where someone is and who they are with when you break up with them. He doesn't really ask questions but makes passive aggressive jabs like that that either guilt me out or make me so angry and annoyed that I respond. I shouldn't. I'm getting better though. I didn't say anything and he went back to I miss you and want to be with you etc. I just said OK. LOL. *shrug* I miss him too. But I want to rip the bandaid off because it's hurting me. I need to move on.

Today is First Saturday's at the BK Museum. A part of me wants to go, but I will probably stay home and relax. Clean out my life. I need to put away a few more Trini items he left, and do something about all the pictures in my phone.


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