Thursday, August 11, 2011


I can not tolerate sugar and carbs. I am not diabetic, but I have learned to listen to my own body as I lose the weight. For example, when I ate mostly processed foods, carbs, and sugar (bread, pasta, cake, cookies etc), I gained weight. LOTs of it. My skin was smooth but uneven and splotchy with dark spots here and there. My back hurt, I got sick often and I am convinced it's because my immune system was weak as a result of how I ate. I was always active, but the things I ate were all wrong.

Since I've cleaned up my eating, not only am I smaller, but my skin is more even, I have not been sick (until this summer cold that I got which was probably caused by my diet slacking) and I don't have as many back pains or cravings. I FEEL different when I don't eat sugar and carbs.

I'm not talking about one muffin or one piece of cake. But if I go off my veggie/fruit/protein routine for more than two or three days, I notice changes in my body and skin right away.

Post breakup, I have not gained any weight, but I haven't lost more than one or two pounds either. Breakups and drama in my life are usually triggers for me to eat more. This time around it is a little different. I haven't been eating excessively, but I haven't been as focused either. I haven't worked out at all, unless you count whining and grinding in the clubs. Although, I do dance a lot. Maybe I can count that? No, the alcohol cancels out any benefit.

My weekly grocery list looks something like this:

-Broth for soup (low fat chicken or beef)
-Low fat or reduced fat cheddar cheese
-Shredded wheat or bran
-A bag of carrots
-Assorted fresh veggies (for cooking random meals)- black beans, peppers, onions, tomato
-Lettuce or bagged salad
-Cabbage (to add to soup)
-Nuts and raisins
-Quarter watermelon or whole canteloupe
-Chicken sausage or chicken breasts for cooking said random meals
-2 gallons of water and one jug of diet green tea

I stick to the same stuff or versions of the same stuff because it works for me. Sometimes I am on a tight budget, so I usually know what I will be spending each week on food. Being broke doesn't have to mean weight gain.

This weekend I will get back to my workouts. I need to turn the 27 pounds lost into at LEAST 30 before my birthday.


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